Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How To Get A Job

Getting a job is arguably one of the hardest things to do in the world today. By getting a job, I mean getting a real suitable, good paying job in your own very field of study.
A job that's supposed to give you the life of your dream.

So, really, how do I get a job?

First, whether you are a school leaver or you resigned from your old job(or planning to do so if you get a better job), what you need to do first-hand is to sit down and think:
What job do I really want?
How is my dream job going to change my life?
How will my dream job affect the people around me?
How much can I save whith my dream job?
Remember to write down the names of companies you would like to work with, this is important when you have one or two particular employers in mind.

What Next?

The real hunt begins! The next thing you do is get to your computer screen. This is easy, I repeat, this is very eary.

Please stay tuned for the next part of How To Get A Job
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