Monday, 9 July 2012

Making Money Online Via Affliate Marketing

An afflaite program is just a system whereby you get paid for inviting cutsomers. Simple.
So, affliate marketing is the process of dealing with afflaite programs.
Now, affliate marketing is not new on the face of the internet, many of us knew about affliate marketing before now. But the big question is:
Which are the real affliate programs?
I am now going to give you my sample list which is may be small but also mighty, I listed only the best afflaites programs I have tested so far.
It is now left for you to do a small research to find some other good affliate programs. Good luck!

List Of Affliate Programs


Mobpartner is a strong mobile affliate program, that is, an affliate program that was designed mainly for mobile phone websites or wapsites, as it is called. It is known as one of the best - if not the best - mobile affliate programs.
I kept it on top of the list because it was the first affliate program that actually paid me. During my early days of making money on the internet, while on my quest to make my ''first" money by affliate marketing, I was scammed 2 or 3 times by some fake affliate programs. That didnt discourage me, I was even more determined to carry on, that was when I met Mobpartner. I made a couple of dollars with them and money...! You can imagine my joy then as a newbie money maker.
And up till today, I still make serveral hundteds of dollars weekly with mobpartner. They had never blocked me nor sent spam emails to me. Their system is quite easy to use . I will rate Mobpartner 9/10.



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